Nicole Scherzinger looks beautiful in this pashmina scarf!

She describes herself as being, ‘on top of the world,’ and who can blame her! Nicole Scherzinger has just released her latest album Doll Domination with her fellow Pussycat Dolls, she’s dating newly crowned F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, and as this picture proves she is one of the worlds most beautiful and stylish women. What’s more the rumour mill suggests that Nicole might soon be Mrs Hamilton, as pictures of her sporting what looked like an engagement ring have left the sound of wedding bells ringing in the air. Pashmina Princess love Nicole’s latest look! This beautiful black and white chequered scarf is an elegant addition to her flamboyant pink jacket. For a women who is most famous for her skimpy outfits and bare flesh we were surprised so see Nicole so covered up, but if you can look this good with a coat and simple scarf why would you wear anything else?

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Lindsay Lohan can’t stop buying pashmina scarves!

Lindsay Lohan spotted again in another great pashmina

Lindsay Lohan spotted again in another great pashmina

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted again – this time in a fantastic pink pashmina. The star is just one of the many celebrities who keep buying pashminas, ensuring they remain one of the favourite A list accessories for yet another season. We think Lindsay looks fabulous in this casual outfit, the pashmina adds the perfect touch of colour and glamour to an otherwise very simple outfit – maybe that’s why she continues to buy pashminas as if the supplies were running out. Luckily pashmina princess has great pashminas readily available, and at fantastic prices so their is no need to worry. We have a fantastic pink pashmina just like the one Lindsay is wearing and it will be in stock very very soon!

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Lindsay Lohan seen her wearing a beautiful pink patterned pashmina

We spotted this photo of Lindsay wearing a great Pashmina scarf, tied in the classic ‘Casual Pashmina Knot’ – check out our ‘How to tie a Pashmina’ section for step by step instructions on how to tie this and all the other popular pashmina scarf knts. Lindsay’s Pashmina is beautiful pale pink with a two tone red pattern which gives the scarf a casual but chic look. She has matched it with a red dress – and even found a suitably matching drink for her outfit! Miss Lohan is a long time fan of the Pashmina and other scarves, often sporting the accessory in it’s conventional use of on occasion as a head scarf. We think she looks great here and love the choice of pashmina.

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Firstly let us say congratulations to Billie Piper and Laurence Fox on the birth of their baby boy, second congratulations on your great choice of pashmina scarf!

Billie Piper, star of Doctor Who and more recently The secret diary of a call girl looks every inch the glamorous celeb in this shot where she is seen wearing a great mint / grey pashmina scarf. The accessory is the perfect match for her outfit giving a fantastic ‘shabbie-chic’ edge which is complemented by the beret. Billie has just given birth to her first child, a son named Winston. Husband Laurence Fox confirmed the childs name – initially revealed by Billie’s ex and long term friend Chris Evans. We are convinced that Billie will make motherhood look as easy as pulling together her fantastic outfits, and bet it won’t be long before the baby makes his first appearance, probably in his own chic pashmina! Once again it is clear that the pashmina is not only the staple accessory for any superstar, but that the pashmina really can make an outfit!

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